Ashtanga Yoga - The Primary Series
Parivrtta Trikonasana The primary series of Ashtanga Yoga is known in Sanskrit as “Yoga Chikitsa” which means yoga therapy. It is a healing process of cleansing and toning for the body, mind and senses. This therapeutic action occurs though the subtle vehicles of Ashtanga yoga.

There is an understanding in yoga that there exists within the body a complex network of energy pathways know as “nadis”. The energy which follows in these channels is a powerful yet unseen force called “prana”. Prana is thought to be the underlying source for all life. Along the nadis, obstructions can form which inhibit the free flow of parana. These hindrances are called “granthis” or knots. Granthis may arise from myriad sources. Their presence may not even be detailed until their unravelling process is a result of a consistent and regulating practice. The clearing of granthis allows prana a cleaner avenue along which to travel. This is the source of the healing aspects of the primary series.

Hasta Padangusthasana With fewer obstacles to confront, the body, mind and senses are allowed a more fertile environment in which to function thereby operating at the utmost level of efficiency. Handstand
Yoga is a self-empowering process, which installs within its practitioners a confidence and a deep internal knowledge of the subtle workings of our being, both subtle and gross. The asanas are arranged in a time tested sequence designed to specifically align the body and strengthen the nervous system. First comes the sun salutations and the standing sequence. The primary series begins with Dandasana, the first seated posture, and ends with setu bandhasana, which is the final asana before the finishing sequence.

Urdhva Dhanurasana Many practitioners of the Ashtanga Yoga have found the primary series to be an invaluable tool to assist them in their healing process, whether it be mental or physical. As with any healing process we must be patient and determined.

Marichyasana D
The greatest tool you may utilize to discover the benefits waiting for you within Yoga Chikista is patience. Allow time for your practice to mature and the fruits will present themselves.